Themed Crystals

Crystal grids combine crystal energy with sacred geometry to focus and amplify our intentions. This bullet journal spread by Themed Crystals a purple theme with crystal doodles on the monthly and weekly pages.

Researchers have discovered a new method to confidently determine absolute configurations of molecular crystals without performing tedious space-group determination and optimization. The method exploits the effects of protein:lipid ratios on crystal packing preferences.

Wire Wrapped Necklaces

Wire wrapping is a jewellery making technique that opens up a world of possibilities for jewellery designs. From beads to cabochons and other stones, wire can be wrapped around almost anything.

The key is to use wire that is suitable for jewellery making, such as copper. Copper wire is dead soft and pliable, but still retains its shape when stressed. You can also choose more precious metal wires such as silver or gold if you prefer.


Crystal suncatchers are more than just a decorative piece, they refract natural light beautifully and create a serene ambiance. They also bring wellness benefits with their healing properties and a spiritual connection to nature.

Designed to be hung near a window, crystal suncatchers reflect and scatter sunlight, bringing rainbow effects to the room. They can be made using a kit or crafted by hand.


Add a metaphysical touch to your bookshelf with these crystal bookends. Not only do they look stylish but crystals are believed to have healing properties and promote clarity and wellbeing.

Encourage customers to share their experience of using your bookends with user-generated content (UGC). Featuring these positive reviews can help build trust and boost sales. Make this easy macrame wrap with some spare crystals, Alice and Lois shows you how over on their blog.

Crystal Jewellery Box

Crystals make the perfect adornment for vanity tables and dressing rooms. Add this elegant crystal jewellery box by Posh in Progress to your collection for a luxe touch or gift it to a loved one.

Dream catchers are another symbol of the crystal trend and fit in well with organic modern decor themes. Create a gem embellished dream catcher with this free tutorial by The Manifestation Collective.

Crystal Fridge Magnets

Fridge magnets are a fun way to add personality to your home. You can create a cohesive look by choosing magnets with the same color palette or theme.

Some magnets with sharp corners or textures may scratch the surface of stainless steel refrigerators. You can reduce this risk by using flat, vinyl magnets that sit flush against the fridge.

Turn your children’s drawings into cute fridge magnets with this easy craft project. They also make great gifts.

Crystal Curtain Hook

Add a decorative touch to your curtains with this crystal style curtain tieback hook from Swish. It comes in chrome and satin steel and is suitable for a wide range of curtain poles.

Crystal doodles make an excellent bullet journal theme, especially for a monthly cover page. See this gorgeous example by @bujo_beme.

A lot of these crystal crafts use wire so you’ll need some. For delicate projects jewellery wire will work but thicker 18 gauge wire is better for stronger crystal craft projects.

Crystal Planters

Elevate your interior decor with these crystal planters that pair mystical crystals with air-cleaning Tillandsia or air plants. These Jesmonite stone planters have a unique natural beauty and come in small, medium and large sizes.

The heart and soul of these planters is the Amethyst crystal. Revered for its healing properties, it calms the mind and sooths anxiety. Amethyst is also known for its meditative effects and spiritual awakening.

Crystal Crown

This dramatic and magical full-circle crystal crown is the perfect balance of raw elemental power and a refined regal shape. Raw quartz points and orange blossoms ring this faerie-inspired design.

During meditation, Selenite helps you open your Crown Chakra and broaden your spirituality towards everything. It also assists with balancing and healing your Sahasrara energy. It encourages clarity and wisdom, too.

Crystal Rings

Crystals form in different shapes depending on the environment that they grow in. Some like quartz and galena form as cubes with six flat faces. Other crystals may shape themselves into octahedrons that have eight faces.

Wearing a crystal ring is a great way to keep the crystal’s energy with you throughout your day. Try wearing them on your ring finger, which is associated with self-expression and creativity.

Crystal Mobile

Get a monthly delivery of crystals that match the theme of the month. From mesmerizing points to soothing palm stones, each piece is carefully curated for their beauty and energy.

Use crystals in your bullet journal for weekly and monthly spreads. For example, this gorgeous monthly spread from @nagellackhase has lots of crystal doodles and is colored in with different shades of purple.